I have taught the upper-level undergraduate course, Strategic Management (MHR 423), at the University of Wisconsin and the Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation course (MGPO 438) at McGill University. In the coming year, I will be teaching three sections of Leadership in Organizations (BUS-INST-303) to undergraduate and law students at Northwestern University. My main goal in teaching is to foster in my students an ability to critically analyze problems. In my classes, I eschew the more traditional textbook and lecture style of presenting information in favor of an interactive and analytical approach. In doing so, I focus on creating an environment that promotes peer-to-peer learning, uses experiential exercises to simulate professional-world scenarios, and utilize multiple teaching modalities to accommodate different learning styles. By combining these strategies, I am able to offer my students more than frameworks for addressing strategic management issues, instilling in them a greater understanding of problem solving processes. Furthermore, my dedication to teaching is connected to my research, as I integrate discussions on entrepreneurship and nonmarket environments into my courses. My experience teaching strategic management both in the US and in Vietnam, social entrepreneurship in Canada, and my work with courses on international and environmental management strategy have well prepared me for teaching a variety of classes at the undergraduate, MBA, and doctoral levels. Drawing from my research, prior teaching, and professional experience, I am excited to teach courses related to entrepreneurship, strategic management, leadership, and sustainable business. 

My teaching interests include:

Social entrepreneurship, Strategic Management, Organizational Theory, Corporate Sustainability, and Firm Misconduct and Corporate Wrongdoing


Northwestern University, Chicago, IL
Leadership in Organizations, BUS-INST-303
Fall 2017, Winter 2018


McGill University, Montreal, Quebec
Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation, MGPO 438, 49 students
Winter 2017

Hanoi University of Agriculture, Hanoi, Vietnam
Strategic Management, 46 students
Spring 2014

University of Wisconsin – Madison, Madison, WI
Strategic Management, MHR 423, 40 students
Fall 2013

Schiller International University, Largo, Florida
Case Studies in Corporate Management, 11 students
Fall 2006


University of Wisconsin – Madison, Madison, WI
Strategic Management MHR 723: Fall 2012, Spring 2013
Environmental Business Strategy MHR 765: Spring 2012

The George Washington University, Washington, DC
World Economy and the Multinational Corporation MBAD 240: Fall 2007, Spring 2008, Fall 2008, Spring 2009
International Management MBAD 244: Spring 2009
International Financial Environment BADM 145: Spring 2008
International Business Strategy IBUS 264: Fall 2007