My research interests lie at the intersection of entrepreneurship, social movements, and environmental sustainability. Societal-level concerns related to the environment, social conditions, and other factors have led to new innovations and entrepreneurial opportunities— such as renewable energy, electric cars, and 3-D printers—that not only offer alternatives to incumbent offerings, but that call their very existence into question. In this modern market setting, non-market actors and environments play an increasingly important role in shaping entrepreneurial outcomes. In addressing research questions drawn from this setting, I examine the actors and institutions that facilitate, or hinder, entrepreneurial activity oriented towards alleviating environmental and social problems.

Within this area of study, my research falls into three main categories. In the first, I explore the efforts of social movements to facilitate the emergence of new industries – paying particular attention to how the interactions of invested actors lead to varying entrepreneurial and industry outcomes. In a second stream of research, I examine the institutional entrepreneurship of activists as they target incumbent firms and industries to change their practices—thus laying the groundwork for new entrepreneurial opportunities to emerge. In the final area of study, I investigate how incumbent firms respond to the social movement pressure and entrepreneurial activity associated with these emergent industries, focusing on the subversive strategies that are often employed (corporate front groups, counter ballot measures, scientists-for-hire).

Across my research, I take a methodologically integrative approach. Starting with a novel research question, I use rich, qualitative data to explore the focal phenomenon. From there, I build theory that informs an understanding of not only the central case, but beyond to the broader area of interest. Finally, I make use of larger data sets to empirically test the theories developed from my qualitative analyses and theory development. 



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Best Paper on Environmental and Social Practices Runner-up (2016) OMT Division of the Academy of Management, AOM Annual Meeting, Anaheim, California

Best Paper Finalist (2014) Sustainability, Ethics, and Entrepreneurship Conference, Denver, Colorado